NEW YORK, NY — November 8, 2016

Imagine being able to stick a stamp on your TV spot and “mail” it directly to your most desirable targets.

That is essentially the promise of Addressable Television. Addressable TV essentially turns the television set-top box into the new mailbox. It is disrupting the traditional linear broadcast model and opening new frontiers for marketers of all sizes.

Linear traditionally targets viewers of specific content—targeting only age and gender. In contrast, by integrating data sources, Addressable makes it possible to identify and reach households directly—no matter what broadcast programming they are watching.

A TV spot can be tailored directly to the desired household, with different versions being delivered during the same air time.

What makes Addressable new and interesting?

With the excitement and high engagement of TV and the pinpoint targeting of direct, Addressable TV offers marketers a remarkable opportunity to connect with audiences. If you haven’t considered addressable, here are three reasons to do so for 2017:

  1. Pinpoint delivery to your target, regardless of the broadcast content they are consuming. Absolutely no waste.
  2. Addressable inventory is available during every broadcast hour, meaning your spot won’t be relegated to running off-prime.
  3. Addressable is supremely measureable—making it not only a viable broadcast option on its own, but it’s also a powerful tool to test message response in key markets before national rollout.

If TV is already in your marketing plan—great! You understand the value of TV already. Consider layering on Addressable to reach niche audiences, advertise regional offers, win back customers or to test messages. If you think your budgets are too small to incorporate television, Addressable is a new opportunity. Yes, its efficiency can make the CPMs higher than Linear, but it also provides a way to get started at much lower budgets—making it a realistic option for mid- and small-size marketers.

What’s the best way to get started?

To get started, work with an experienced partner who can help align all the necessary elements of targeting, creative, and media buy. With Addressable TV, media is bought directly through the provider—Dish, DirecTV, Comcast, and Cablevision. Their offerings are all somewhat different, but executing a high-performing Addressable program is far more than just a new way of buying TV media.

Your Addressable TV marketing partner must be able to steward you through the process and integrate the overall approach to deliver the most effective ROI. Wilson has over 15 years of experience focused on delivering and measuring direct marketing and DRTV programs. Our team can provide a total end-to-end Addressable TV solution and can also work with stakeholders you may already have in place.

No marketing works harder or is more accountable than direct marketing—and with Addressable options, TV is now the new frontier of direct marketing. Travel with a pro.